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Lastikman - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Hilario grows up to be Professor Larry (Vic Sotto), a physics teacher. When fate and duty calls, he transforms as Lastikan who protects people from injustice and oppression. Things become perplexing when Lastikamn was involved with the clash of his two students. His nerdy student Jepoy (Jeffrey Quizon) who used to idolize him turn to a villain called Evil Stryker.

To make matters worse, news spread that Lastikaman beats up Jepoy and kills Ryan (Ryan Eigenman). This disheartens Lastikman. He now contemplates if he’ll remain to be a superhero or just an ordinary & simple man.

Sabel - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies After enduring a troubled childhood, a woman struggles to find herself in this provocative tale about life’s vagaries and ultimate redemption. The film follows the emotional journey of Sabel (Judy Ann Santos), a complex woman portrayed as both bad and good, who permanently alters the lives of those in her orbit — and who is eventually charged with murder. Among the supporting cast are Wendell Ramos, Iza Calzado and Sunshine Dizon.

Wanted Perfect Mother - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies A 30-year-old widower realizes that his three children need a mother figure. His youngest daughter feels lonely and finds it hard to cope with schooling. He scouts around for a tutor for his daughter, someone who could also act as her playmate and friend. The lady who arrives — a cheerful singer and tutor — brings light to their home lives. Eventually, the father falls in love with her.

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Feng Shui - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - filipino movies Who can refuse goodluck?

Joy and her family have just moved into a new home, in a sparsely populated village. For them, it is a time for new beginneings– a new chance and a new hope. but what fortune awaits them.. and woe the tragedies to follow.

On what should be the most unfortunate day of her life, Joy picks up a package left by a stranger in a bus. It is called “Ba-Gua”, (Feng Shui Mirror) an item that drives bad luck away.

Joy could not refuse the luck that continues to come her way until everything appears too good to be true. Unexplained events disturb her family’s peace. people start to die as well. Having been advised by the geomancer to simply say no to the next form of luck, all Joy could do now is wait. But what painful decision awaits her?

Will Joy prevail or be consumed by the curse of the Bagua Mirror?

Kris Aquino, Jay Manalo, Lotlot De Leon, Ilonah Jean, Jenny Miller, Gerard Pizarras, john Vladimir Manalo, Julianne Gomez, Ernest Sto. Tomas

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